3 Fears You Need To Overcome If You Want To Be Successful

3 Fears You Need To Overcome If You Want To Be Successful


Be brave enough to be true to yourself, and realize that you will undoubtedly disappoint others at times. Make your own definition of success and live your life accordingly. Instead of worrying about whether or not others accept you, concentrate on accepting yourself. Stay away from persons who are narrow-minded.


The terror of failing. (The fear of failure.)


I’m ready to bet everything I own that if every single human being could choose to stand in one of two lines, one for failure and one for success, there would be very few (if any) people in the line for failure. We are trained to go out into the world and prosper from the time we are very little. We’ve been taught that success is preferable to failure. We’ve been taught that victors win and losers lose.


Failure delivers disappointment, shame, embarrassment, or humiliation, whereas success offers honor, acclaim, pride, and dignity, as years of programming have demonstrated. We develop an aversion to failure as a result of this. An aversion to failure, however, is not the same as a paralyzing fear of it. People that are terrified of failing do things like. 3 Fears You Need To Overcome If You Want To Be Successful


  • decline personal and professional prospects until they can obtain a near-certainty of success or eliminate all risk. They say “no” to opportunities far too often, even when they are excellent, because the fear of failing outweighs the benefits of achievement.
  • They resist change because they are afraid of failing if they try new or different things once they have learned or mastered something.
  • become interested or fascinated with other people’s ideas They end up allowing their worry about others’ opinions to cause stasis in their own lives and stifle their progress.


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The fear of being rejected. (The fear of rejection.)


I don’t know anyone who isn’t bothered by rejection. It is natural for most of us to seek some sort of acceptance from others. However, there is a significant difference between being uncomfortable with rejection and being so terrified of it that you allow it to prevent you from attaining personal or professional success.

In the end, your fear of rejection is a mirror of your anxiety about not being accepted. It could be a sign that you have an unhealthy need to belong or a fear of being criticized or ridiculed. People who are terrified of being rejected do things like. 3 Fears You Need To Overcome If You Want To Be Successful


  • People-pleasing becomes a way of life for them. They say yes to initiatives and activities they don’t love or want to do because they are afraid of not being liked or accepted.
  • Rather than taking the initiative to make things happen or ask for what they want, they tend to wait for others to make proposals. They don’t ask for a wage raise or a promotion because they’re afraid of being judged if they don’t receive it.


Fear of achieving success. (The fear of success.)


It ain’t so, say it ain’t so. I don’t understand how somebody could be terrified of success. The fear of achieving success is real. Some people suffer from a crippling dread of success, and they are more scared of succeeding than of failing. Success brings with it an uncomfortable spotlight of attention and a slew of new adversaries. The more successful you become, the more people pay attention to you. While being noticed often attracts more admirers, it often attracts more detractors.


  • sabotage their efforts, either consciously or subconsciously, to make failure seem inevitable They find excuses to put off even the most mundane or low-demand chores.
  • Set modest expectations and standards for themselves in case they can’t or won’t deliver. They despise being scrutinized and are frightened by the prospect of people expecting them to deliver again after time.


To Overcome These Fears, Take These Actions


These three anxieties are difficult, but they are also natural and common. Many of the same worries plague successful people as they do the rest of us. Successful people, on the other hand, do not allow their fear to become so overwhelming that it hinders their personal or professional achievement.

Here are four kinds of concrete actions you may do to conquer your fears of failure, rejection, and success.


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