To many, capital of {nigeria|Nigerian capital|national capital} is delineated as “virgin land for profitable investment” in Nigeria. Being the capital town of Federal Republic of Nigeria, thousands of native and foreign investors have steady streamed in, in search of greener pastures. as an examplethe important estate sector is booming as thousands of individuals square measure dealing and paying for a house(s) to decision home. faculties and schools square measure putting in place search, left right and center.


Strategically settled residential homes square measure being regenerate to supermarkets, malls, pharmaceutical stores and also the likes. Clinics and hospitals square measure doping up all over.


For a capital town but forty years recentAbuja is so changing into a hot business destination.


Here square measure twenty profitable business ideas one will check up on if fascinated by finance in Abuja in no specific order:




1.Hair salon/barber search


People can continuously need to create their hair. simply make sure you notice a strategic location , discovered search and watch the ‘chums’ rolling in. Residential-commercial zones square measure continuously best for hair salons or barber retailers.


2. Grocery/provision sales


People should stock their homes with groceries like bread, ketchup, salt, sugar and also the likes. A neat search in an exceedingly strategic location can earn you a good quantity on a daily basis too!


3.School bus service


Majority of Abuja oldsters square measure labor those who honestly don’t have time to drive their kids to highschool and residential on a daily basisciao as your company is punctually registered, your vehicle is undamaged and you prove your trust-worthiness to folksyou’re sure to get plenty of committed shoppers for your autobus company


4.School uniform design/supply


The majority of Abuja faculties need kids to wear uniforms. Some faculties directly sell their uniforms whereas others refer you to wherever you’ll be able to get the school’s coloursa standardized searchnot to mention some stationary and perhaps textbooks isn’t a foul plan.


5.Transportation company


People should visit work, to church, to the market,to school. In essence, folks should move. Taxi drivers in Abuja square measure a number of the best earning entrepreneurs with some raking up to fifteen,000 Nigerian monetary unit a day! A punctually registered company that provides snug rides to customers will attract you a good daily earning.


6.Agricultural and farm product (including beef/fish/ chicken)


We “Abujians” love our chicken, our fish and our beef. If you discovered a cold-room/ store in an exceedingly strategic location and put up for sale well, take care to possess quite enough customers. Farms also are the in-thing at the instantfolks love their organic manufacture and farm recent meat. If you’ll be able to afford it, suppose as massive as owning a cattle farm. Google up a number of the world’s famed bovine ranches and invite them to Federal Republic of Nigeriasuppose on those lines, you will not regret.


7.Fuel station


Whether we have a tendency to love it or not, we have a tendency to should get fuel, and ironically, there square measure elements of the FCT wherever you drive for near to half-hour while not sight of a fuel station. If you’ll be able to afford to line one up, go ahead! it’s a worthy business with high ROI.




As groups of people, falling sick is inevitable. Federal Hospitals in Abuja will get thus packed and stuffy generally that after you head there sick, you walk out even sicker! If you have got the capital, suppose health, as a result of health is wealth!


9.Gardens/lounges/entertainment joints


We “Abujians” love our gardens and lounges. Somewhere we are able to sit down, have some cold brewage, gossip, catch up with friends, watch association football, eat fish and simply unwindharm on our pockets, however bundle for you!


10.Real estate/Construction Company


Like they assertland is “real business”. The FCT is Nigeria’s quickest growing townand each day, many folks move to the town in look for greener pastures. If you’ll think about constructing mass however cheap homes (a la EFAB estates with higher quality), you’re sure to build cool cash! you’ll be able to conjointly discovered a real-estate business firmwherever you supply sales/marketing services to land developers/home house owners.




11.Building materials


Building materials goes hand in hand with land. After all, wherever can the developers get the materials to make from?


12.Interior style


While the important estate sector is booming, thus is that the demand for interior designers. somebody has got to build the within look stunning once all!


13.Electronics store


People should get phones, fridges, refrigerators, chargers and also the likes. There square measure quite variety of such retailers in Abujahowever if you’ll be able to assure your customers of prime quality product (with warranty), they’re going to return for a lot of


14.Furniture store


Abuja is changing into celebrated for article of furnitureit’s really become thus celebrated that foreigners from African nationTogolese Republic and alternative neighbor countries return all the thanks to Abuja to shop for authentic quality article of furniture. It’s an honest business however needs rigorous promoting


15.Security Company


In the maximum amount as capital of {nigeria|Nigerian capital|national capital} is one amongst the safest cities in Nigeria, there square measure still cases of crime from time to time. it’s completely essential each plaza, estate, workplace has AN ready watcher. Finding a trust worthy watcher may persuade be troublesomeso a security company with well trained and well equipped honest workers can thrive


16.Dog breeding


Dogs in Abuja also are massive wants. If you reside in an exceedingly massive compound or a giant estate, you’ll think about obtaining one. One dog will opt for N50,000 to N200,000. Big money!


17.Eatery/Catering Services


Almost each weekend, there square measure weddings, birthday parties, kid naming ceremonies and also the likes that need mass change of statebusiness corporations continuously rake massive from such. With effective promoting, one is sure to build a good total. | TOP 20 LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES TO INVEST IN ABUJA


18.Event Hall/Tent rentals


Almost each weekend, there square measure weddings, birthday parties, kid naming ceremonies and also the likes that need either event halls or tents. Halls opt for not but N150,000 to N 1.8 million a day! bundle ooo!


19.Short-term ability acquisition coaching sessions


teacher can continuously see information as a crucial quality, thus, plenty of wise “Abujians” square measure willing to pay an additional dime on skill- acquisition courses which will position them for monetary freedom. Such courses sometimes vary from as low-cost as N5,000 to N100,000 reckoning on what’s being schooled


20.HR services


Last however not least, ‘Abujians’ square measure hard-working folkshowever if solely there have been agencies you’ll drop your CV with, the agency would sharply rummage around for employment for you, after you get your 1st wage, they collect a percentage… Na cash o!


A few others include: cheap alternative energy for homes, computerised mechanic services, caretaker services, memento creating, event management, delivery services. home tutoring services, ‘haute couture’ fashion style services…the list is endless honestly.


Best of luck as you invest in Abuja!


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