Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021

Below are some instances and lists of Nigerian startup company ideas that you may start with minimal money and earn from! Learn about the top business ideas for a small investment and be willing to give them a shot.


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1. The Real Estate Industry.


“The real estate business is the road to take,” says real estate entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Can you figure out why? These are sources of passive income that you can earn money from even while you’re sleeping. Every entrepreneur wishes to retire and be financially independent one day. That is only achievable if you develop many passive income streams, such as real estate. We’ve also included tips on how to generate leads for a Nigerian real estate agency. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


2. Cake and Cupcake Bakery.


In today’s society, events abound, ranging from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries, and year-end celebrations. In the baking industry, this is a major potential. Baking, decorating, and selling one-of-a-kind cakes and cupcakes for special occasions is a fantastic and potentially lucrative business opportunity for the hobby baker. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


3. Mobile Phone Accessory Sales.


In today’s Nigeria, selling mobile phone accessories is a very profitable business. According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users in Nigeria is expected to exceed 140 million by 2025. Owners of mobile phones are likely to require one or two phone accessories from time to time. It can’t be a bad idea to sell cellphone accessories.

Batteries, airpods, battery chargers, memory cards, earpieces, pouches, screen guards, and other basic accessories are in high demand. You can either get your goods from sellers in Computer Village (Lagos) or from online stores. You may quickly start an online importation with the Phone Accessories business. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


4. Blogging.


Blogging is one of those enterprises that allows you to be your own boss completely. You choose your own hours and work whenever and wherever you want. To be able to sustain the business, all you have to do is pick a successful niche that also happens to be your passion. You can start a profitable blog in Nigeria with just a laptop and a strong internet connection.

Furthermore, every blogger wants their post to appear on search engine result pages without having to constantly promote it, so you’ll need to learn top digital marketing skills (SEO) for search engines like Google or employ an SEO Expert in Nigeria. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


5. Distribution and Supply of Eggs.


It’s not a bad idea to provide and distribute eggs; you could even own a chicken farm to make things easier for yourself. You might be able to sell the eggs to hotels and businesses. The egg is a good source of animal protein and is consumed on a regular basis. Eggs are also employed in the production of soaps, confectioneries, cosmetics, hair conditioners, shampoo, adhesive, and face masks, among other things. As a result, egg supply and distribution is a lucrative business to start in Nigeria in 2021. The business will grow and you will generate more money as you expand your consumer base. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


6. Ice Block Manufacturing and Distribution.


Ice block manufacture is always at the top of anyone’s list of starting business ideas in Nigeria. Perhaps Nigeria’s tropical climate, with its abundance of sunlight and heat, fosters such thinking. Furthermore, even with a tiny amount of funding, it is a profitable business concept to start. All you’ll need to get started is a nice freezer, electricity, and water (which will freeze into ice blocks). Have you noticed how simple this is? There may be no electricity in some parts of town, and residents may seek out ways to preserve food, particularly soup. | Top Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria To Start In 2021


7. Car Washing Service.


The demand for car washes will always be high, and anyone, regardless of age or expertise, can start a car wash business in Nigeria. Because most automobile owners don’t have the time to wash their cars themselves, the car wash company is quite profitable. Some of them may not have gatemen to assist them at home. As a result, given their busy schedule, the next best alternative is to visit a car wash. The area that may be rented, the source of water supply, and the washing machine that will be utilized are all necessary for starting a car wash business. You can also take it a step further by placing a television in the waiting area to keep your customers entertained while they wait.


8. Driver for Uber (Uberpreneur )


Uber is very popular in cities like Lagos and a few other parts of Nigeria, as we all know. The majority of people opt to become Uber drivers because of the flexibility it provides. Furthermore, it is one of the most profitable business ideas in Lagos and a few other places of Nigeria. If you own a car, you already have everything you need to get started. All you have to do is join the uberpreneur community and begin earning money by receiving your own commission on each journey.

This is an opportunity to take control of your schedule and work when it is most convenient for you. Some Uber drivers work full-time, while others work part-time or at night. Uber drivers earn between 80,000 and 120,000 Naira on average.


9. Tailoring and fashion designer.


This is one of the many skill-based startup business ideas available in Nigeria right now. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’re good to go! You’re all set to make a withdrawal. Tailoring is more profitable now than it has ever been. People sew new garments frequently, and tailors play a significant role in this. Some tailors also use an internet marketing approach to acquire consumers and publicize their work. Yes, some people behave in this manner. This is a daily income business that anyone in Nigeria can start.


10. Content Writer.


As a student in Nigeria, what kind of business can I start with $5,000? Do you think of yourself as a writer of content? Setting up a freelance content production firm, even if you have a full-time work, could be a lucrative side business you can start today. With your computer and internet access, you may start a freelance article writing business and earn money online in Nigeria. Isn’t it cool? You can create material whenever you want, whenever you’re free. And you’ll get paid on a monthly or weekly basis.


11. Food Delivery Service.


Have you ever wondered what the most popular items in Nigeria are? Food is a basic human requirement. Food is required by all men, regardless of their social standing. As a result, the food industry in Nigeria will always be profitable. The majority of people, particularly bachelors, do not have enough time to prepare meals at home. This is when a mobile food vendor’s services are required. The meal could be delivered to the office or any other location designated by the mobile food vendor.

People eat every day, and most of the time, junk food is not an option. As a mobile food vendor, aim to stand out as much as possible by focusing on a niche and growing it. Then your clients will return time and time again.


12. Production and Distribution of Plantain Chips.


The popular, delectable crunchy snack made from unripe and ripe plantain is certainly something you’ve seen practically everywhere. On roads and in traffic, hawkers sell them to drivers and passengers. However, the truth is that you probably had no idea it was such a lucrative industry in Nigeria. To establish a plantain chip business in Nigeria, you don’t need to be a large brand like Leventis or UAC Food.

Plantain farming is one of the startup business ideas in Nigeria that you may start with as little as 50,000 Naira. You may begin right now, from the comfort of your own home. Simply choose a brand name and print it on clear nylon packaging, and you’re ready to go.


13. Hair and Cosmetics Salon.


If you are a beauty fanatic, a career in cosmetics is unquestionably the greatest option. However, because the niche is ever-changing, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends in order to be relevant. People naturally want to appear well, thus cosmetic and hair salons are a hugely profitable industry in Nigeria and around the world. You may start a unisex salon with a crew that caters to both male and female clients’ demands.


14. Boutique (Small business)




15. Business of Call Cards (Recharge Card Business)


Almost everyone has a cell phone, and they will almost certainly require call cards. Call cards could be sold anywhere. In your hostels, offices, along the roadside, in restaurants and eateries, and so on. Knowing that the majority of individuals have access to these locations. It’s a lucrative company that anyone in Nigeria can start with minimal money.


16. The Skincare Industry (Skincare Business)


Approximately 75% of women and 95% of men use skincare products such as creams, soaps, butters, and oils. Starting a skincare business is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable starting business ideas in Nigeria. You might be able to learn the trade from an expert in the field. You’ll be able to manufacture good products if you’ve mastered this talent and understand how to use the proper quantity and quality of raw materials during production. Customers will be compelled to patronize you on a regular basis.


17. Grocery store (Supermarket)


What does it mean when you see supermarkets by the side of the road? Every day, people make purchases. In Nigeria, owning a supermarket is a very profitable enterprise. Even if you need a lot of money to rent or create your own store, you’ll almost certainly generate money. You can hire a sales boy or girl and pay them either weekly or monthly if you’re a busy or working-class individual. This is one of the startup company ideas that you may start right now if you have the funds and the suitable location.


18. Okrika Bale Business.


This company is extremely profitable in the sense that you may profit twice as much as the actual cost of the bale. You can either sell the photographs individually or put them online with prices attached. Because of the current status of the economy, Okrika will always be purchased. As a result, it is a profitable business to start in Nigeria today. Good markets to buy a bale of clothes for sale may be found in Lagos, Onitsha, Kano, and Aba. Because it is dependent on you, the start-up capital may vary. It might be as low as 20,000 Naira or as much as 200,000 Naira.


19. Hotel Management (Hotel Business)


In Nigeria, the hotel industry is one of the most lucrative unexplored industries. People travel every day for a variety of reasons, and they’ll almost certainly require a somewhere to stay for the night or as long as they like. And, of course, we all know it costs money. As a result, starting a hotel business in Nigeria will always be profitable.


20. Drop-Shipping.


This is one of Nigeria’s newest and most profitable business opportunities. It’s one of those enterprises that can be started with little money. All you’ll need is a laptop or smartphone, access to the internet, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (any of these could serve as an online shop). In Nigeria, you generate millions of Naira by drop shipping. The key to success in business is recognizing and understanding what people require at any given time, as well as knowing where and how to obtain those products. (In Nigeria, Aliexpress is a fantastic venue for starting a dropshipping business.)


21. Hospital.


It may surprise you to learn that you may own a hospital without having to be a medical professional. The health-care industry is extremely profitable; individuals visit doctors on a daily basis. The importance of good health cannot be overstated. Why not acquire a piece of land and build a hospital if you have the funds?

The next item on your to-do list will be to hire a doctor and nurses, as well as hospital cleaners and any other employees that a hospital requires. You’re good to go if you pay them their monthly or weekly salary.


22. Dry Cleaning Company.


Some people enjoy doing laundry and aren’t bored with it. If you’re one of these individuals, why not turn your passion into a source of income? Machines for washing and drying clothes have now made the job even easier. People will always patronize you in the dry cleaning company, thus it’s quite profitable. Because of job or just because they are not free, not everyone has time to do their laundry. As a result, you can begin a dry cleaning business in Nigeria right now.


23. Rental Services.


People are always in need of goods they don’t have, hence renting services is a profitable business. It is one of the most popular startup company ideas in Nigeria for making money. Every now and again, events are held. People will constantly require assistance with renting canopies, automobiles, and other items. Rental services are an example of a low-capital, high-profit enterprise. You can use digital marketing services to get in front of your audiences and build brand exposure once you’ve started.


24. Packaging for Small Chops.


Small chops packing is a business you can start with little money and make a lot of money from. Your little chops might be prepared, packaged well, and sold in offices and supermarkets. You can also create supplies during events if people suggest where and when they are required. This is one of the quickest-growing industries in Nigeria.


25. Gym Entrepreneurship.


It may surprise you to learn that fitness has long been a cause of anxiety, and Nigerians are no exception. If you’re a fitness fanatic, you should consider launching a gym business in Nigeria. All you’ll need is enough money to outfit your workout center. Of certainly, you can start a prosperous business in Nigeria.


26. Restaurant Business.


In a country like Nigeria, the restaurant industry has always thrived. This just indicates that it will never be out of style. You can open a restaurant right now if you’re a superb cook. However, you must guarantee that you prepare delicious dishes that will entice them to return. Everyone, regardless of their circumstances, requires food, which makes the restaurant company a viable business to start in Nigeria. You may not need to know how to create all of the dishes; instead, you can engage a chef to do it while you concentrate on other business processes.


27. The Business of Social Media.


The social media sector has quickly evolved into an important instrument that may boost a company’s visibility as well as its revenue. Most businesses today have a social media strategy as a full-service function, while others outsource it to a digital marketing agency. This is why there is an increasing demand for professionals with digital marketing expertise.


29. Tomato Farming Business.


Agriculture is still one of Nigeria’s top investments today. This is a profitable business that is also inexpensive to start. However, knowing which types of tomatoes are in high demand is one of the most important aspects of starting a tomato business in Nigeria. This information is easily obtained from seed suppliers, who will be able to provide you with more up-to-date information on popular demand. They know the best-selling types based on market demand, ensuring that the seeds you choose are healthy and will grow well.


30. Affiliate Marketing.


This online money-making opportunity in Nigeria is a profitable business that anyone with little or no funding may start. An affiliate marketer is someone who earns a commission by assisting in the sale of a product that he does not own.

Affiliate items may be in the form of digital or physical goods. You can join as many affiliate programs as your capacity allows, and utilize your affiliate links to advertise products on social media or by creating specialized websites to drive traffic and produce quality leads via SEO. Expertnaire is one of Nigeria’s most popular affiliate programs.



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