What business can I start with 20k as a student in Nigeria?

What business am i able to start with 20k as a student in Nigeria?

Many people use a scarcity of funds as an excuse for not establishing a business, but you ought to consider the matter of a scarcity of idea.

There are enterprises which will be started with as little as N20,000, but if you don©t know what to try to to thereupon much money, you©ll likely believe that beginning alittle scale business is that the most difficult thing to try to to .

So, if you©ve always wanted to start out alittle business, money and idea shouldn©t be a barrier any more . Simply check your bank account; if you’ve got N20k that you simply won©t be using anytime soon, you’ll start a profitable business which will allow you to realize true financial independence. Let©s start .


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  • Bedsheet/Beddings Production. ©
  • Shirt Production. ©
  • Sales of men©s underwear. ©
  • E-Payments and POS Business. ©
  • Mobile and electronic Accessories. ©
  • Popcorn Machine. ©
  • Sales and Customizing of eleven . ©
  • Snail farming.



1 . Bedsheet/Beddings Production.

Pay a visit to Lagos Island or Oshodi, where they provide bulk materials, choose good designs, and trust me once I say that the people that will stitch it for you’re just round the corner. you’ll begin with but $100,000 and work tirelessly to extend your wealth. | What business am i able to start with 20k as a student in Nigeria?


2. Shirt Manufacturing.

It©s a pleasant side business. There are tailors on Abuja, otherwise you can acquire the trade yourself, which can prevent tons of sorrow. you ought to be In Abuja the F.C.T. Sew for 1500/2k, sell for 5-7k with materials starting from 700 to 1k each yard. | What business am i able to start with 20k as a student in Nigeria?


3. Men©s underwear sales.

Make plans to go to Aba Market. you’ll obtain a boxer for as little as N300 if you package it in threes and sell properly. Beg your friends on Twitter for RTs, we buy threes pack boxers for 1500-2500 and sell yours for 1200 gradually rise.


4. E-Payments and POS Business.

You can get a POS machine from your bank and found out online banking by following these steps: you’ll handle e-payments for people and make your own change if you reside during a place where banks are scarce. I paid N200 to withdraw N10,000 from an ATM in Ikorodu. The ATM line was insane.


5. Electronic and mobile accessories.

Alibaba, Ali Express, Deal Extreme, and other online marketplaces sell mobile and electronic accessories like pouches, chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, earbuds, and more. The lower the worth , the more you purchase . They©re also light, so shipping won©t be a problem . Sell on this site or on jumia and other similar sites.


6. Popcorn Machine.

We©ve all heard of him! We always make a sale . Mile 12 corn bags, branded nylon, sugar, salt, and butter the sweetness of this is often that if it’s produced properly, the aroma will attract consumers. -7/9k manual sealing machine Jumia features a Popcorn Machine for 65k. Popcorn may be a versatile snack which will be enjoyed anywhere.


7. Snail farming.

Snail farming is becoming more popular in Nigeria, due to the low cost of entry and therefore the incontrovertible fact that if you sell your products correctly, your business will grow. this is often a business that you simply may start from the comfort of your house . confine mind that snails take approximately a year to mature, so be patient!


8. Goods that are utilized fairly.

Jeans, tops, t-shirts, shoes, and other gently used items they could be found in Badagry or Cotonou. You won©t be ready to get a bale for $100,000, but you’ll be ready to select and blend them. Then wash them and box them carefully. All it takes may be a little marketing, and you©ll be ready to sell your products and see your money grow.


9. Cleaning Services.

Some people find it difficult to wash their apartments because they’re performing from Monday to Friday, have an engagement on Saturday, and every one they need to try to to on Sunday is rest. Your equipment won©t set you back quite $30,000, and you©ll be ready to clean six residences during a weekend.


10. Digital Marketing.

Any company©s success is decided by its capacity to succeed in bent its throngs of consumers , which is accomplished through successful marketing: Get a second hand laptop and a smartphone; your smartphone can temporarily function a hotspot. The importance of perseverance and keenness can’t be overstated.


11. Internet Services.

Do you skills much applicants spend only to possess their Jamb applications done online, despite the internet©s widespread coverage and therefore the incontrovertible fact that anyone can access it on their phones? You©ll need an honest computer, printer, and Internet service provider. People are willing to ante up to $1,000 each application.


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    Here we go.
    Bedsheet/Beddings Production. …
    Shirt Production. …
    Sales of men’s underwear. …
    E-Payments and POS Business. …
    Mobile and electronic Accessories. …
    Popcorn Machine. …
    Sales and Customizing of Football Team. …
    Snail farming.

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